Andrew Baker’s workshop – Maquette Sheet

Decimation Master into Maya for a subdermal/epidermal shader and light scene and the final maquette sheet comp in Photoshop. Phew! Andrew Baker’s workshop, what a fantastic adventure in concept design. 



Phoenix Atelier – Andrew Baker’s workshop (Lurker Orc)

Only a few days worth of lessons remain. Finished the render passes on the second “Lurker” Orc. It’s been quite a journey. Picked up a bevy of great concept workflow tips from Andrew Baker (Weta Workshops) during these incredible 8 weeks.



Phoenix Atelier – Andrew Baker’s workshop

I’ve been nestled snug in my 3D cave for the past 8 weeks attending Andrew Baker’s (Weta Workshops, The Hobbit) online workshop. There’s an immense amount of material and it’s been a spectacular experience. Still much to do but here is an update. Nearing the finish.
[Software: ZBrush, Photoshop]



3D Artist “Image of the Day”

It was a complete surprise to find out 3D Artist magazine featured one of my recent projects as their ‘Image of the Day’ on Twitter and FB. Thanks so much for the digital high-five 3DA!


Link to the Facebook announcement HERE


You can find their magazine on store shelves or here:

Attempting new styles part one

Sad Man


A number of artists have been sharing great collages on the LunchCrunch and Pixologic groups that I felt it was time to piece one together and reflect. It’s been a wild year of art and it’s nice to comfortably acknowledge steady progress over a 12 month period. Still, so much to improve upon in 2014. Excited for what’s next, Happy New Year!


Otachi kaiju – Paint/Render

Trying to leave no sculpt behind. Revisited this Otachi kaiju (Pacific Rim) from a few months back and whipped up a quick paint and render this morning.

Otachi kaiju 1

Otachi kaiju 2

Lord of the Rings – Goblin

Happy Hobbit day! It was a long and glorious night catching the midnight premiere of The Desolation of Smaug and I just barely finished this Lord of the Rings Goblin bust before. I intend to add much more later, accessories and additional (more polished) armor.

Lord of the Rings Goblin 1

Lord of the Rings Goblin 2

Jordu Schell Alien bust